Terms of Service
Welcome to RDS3! RDS3 is a subscription service which provides online document storage and file sharing capabilities. Its purpose is to serve as a tool for document collaboration and revision control.

In order to use the RDS3 Service, you must agree to the following:

By subscribing to the RDS3 Service, you will be granted one RDS3 Workspace and one Master Account. When logged in to your Workspace, the Master Account can create and manage User Accounts. All files uploaded and any data submitted to the Workspace by any of these Accounts will be referred to as Data.

Master Account Holder Responsibilities
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your RDS3 Workspace is not used to facilitate the transfer of illegal or copyright-infringing material.
  • Each person accessing your RDS3 Workspace must use their own User Account, which you can create for them.
  • You may not sell or re-sell RDS3 Services.
  • You are responsible for the actions of your Master Account AND all User Accounts in your Workspace. User Accounts should be granted only to people whom you trust not to breach the Terms of Service. If a User Account is found to be in violation of the Terms of Service, you will be notified and expected to remove the offending User Accounts' access to your RDS3 Workspace or otherwise ensure that they use the RDS3 Workspace within the bounds of the Terms of Service.
  • All User Account assignees must be made aware of, and agree to, the Terms of Service.

  • Accounts in Violations of the Terms of Service
    RDS3 reserves the right to cancel any RDS3 subscription in violation of the Terms of Service. RDS3 reserves the right to delete Data without warning that is alleged to be in violation of copyright. Any Account login being used by multiple IP addresses or which has its username and password shared openly on the Internet may be locked without warning and will alert RDS3 that a possible breach of security or of the Terms of Service has occurred. At which point, an inspection of the activity will occur and the Master Account holder will be notified.

    Subscription Renewal
    Your subscription to the RDS3 Service will renew automatically unless you cancel your account via the RDS3 Account Management area prior to its renewal date.

    Account Cancellation
    You may cancel your subscription at any time via the RDS3 Account Management area. Subscription fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IN PARTIAL OR FULL. Your RDS3 Workspace will remain accessible until your subscription period has ended, at which time, your RDS3 Workspace and all Data within it will be deleted from the RDS3 servers. If you would like early deletion of your Data, please contact us.

    Ownership of Data
    RDS3 does not monitor or control the Data uploaded to RDS3 Workspaces and claims no ownership or rights to this Data.

    Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability
    BACK UP YOUR DATA. You are responsible for maintaining backups of the Data in your RDS3 Workspace. RDS3 can not be held liable for the loss of or corruption of your Data.

    RDS3 CAN NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR DATA IS SECURED. Due to the nature of the RDS3 Service, we cannot assure you that under all circumstances, your Data isn't accessible or interceptable by unauthorized third parties. RDS3 can not be held liable for unauthorized access to your RDS3 Workspace and Data, or any misuse of that Data by third parties.

    RDS3 does not guarantee continuous, error-free service. RDS3 is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". Under no circumstances will RDS3 be liable for any loss or damages of any kind that are directly or indirectly related to your use of the RDS3 Service, your inability to access the RDS3 Service, or any loss or corruption of Data by the RDS3 Service.

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